Freshwater Database

Lake Ohinewai (2011-2014)

LERNZdb quality rating: 1
Factors that positively contribute towards the rating:
  • All variables belong to the chosen category.
  • All variables are known to LERNZdb.
  • The timestamp information is complete.
  • All waterbodies could be recognised by LERNZdb.
  • All datapoints have a unit.
  • All datapoints are measured in their preferred unit.
  • All species are known to LERNZdb.
  • All species belong to the chosen category.
Factors that stand in the way of a higher rating:
  • There are missing datapoints.
  • Invalid or missing geo coordinate information (All coordinates must be in WGS84 decimal degrees and must be located in NZ (our bounding box has a SW corner of (158.97949,-50.680797) and a NE corner of (-171.48926,-29.305561)).